TS01 PT200 Car Exhaust Sensor

TS01.PT200 series is specially designed for high temperature measurement of automobile exhaust and engine. With the implementation of Euro IV standard, exhaust emission and complete combustion must be controlled by high temperature measurement. It is more important to come; for more accurate measurement and more suitable installation and connection of engine or exhaust system layout, we can provide you with temperature sensors of different installation sizes.

Application Range:

Diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter control and detection of engine components (valves, air pipes) and external temperature sensing elements are assembled in the on-site diagnostic system to measure the temperature of exhaust gas recirculation.

Technical Parameter:

Product features

Technical parameters

Temperature sensing element

PT200 thin film platinum resistance

Temperature range

-40 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃

Resistance rating

0 ℃ @ 200Ω

Linear curve

-40 ℃ ~ 850 ℃ is a straight line (3850ppm / K)

Long-term stability


Insulation resistance

at 25 ℃, ≥10MΩ @ 500Vdc

Vibration resistance

10 ~ 5000Hz, 60G

Working current


Use medium

hot gas

Housing material


Cable material

Silicone rubber sheath, inner PTFE (2 * 7 / 0.2)

Cable length

500 --- 5000mm etc. optional


Default AMP 282104-1 (other customization)

Mechanical connection

M14 × 1.5





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