TGG Series temperature transmitter

TGG series rail-mounted isolation temperature transmitter conversion module is a dedicated current output module for RTD or TC temperature sensors; the module uses imported original components, assembled by patch technology, stable and reliable performance, small size, easy installation, input / The output is fully isolated.


Technical Parameter:

Input signal


Output signal

4 ~ 20mADC two-wire system

Working power supply

24VDC (8.0 ~ 30VDC)

Input / output fully isolated cold junction compensation

± 1 ℃ (internal sensor)

Temperature drift coefficient

± 0.01% / ℃

Response time

1S (0- 90%)


≤ ± 0.2%

Influence of voltage fluctuation

± 0.005% X range / VDC or less

Insulation resistance

≥100MΩ between input / output

Load capacity

RL = (U- 8. 0v) / 0.022A

Voltage input

Input impedance above 5MΩ

Thermocouple input

input impedance above 5MΩ

Thermal resistance / resistance input

5MΩ or more, fuse alarm detection current: 5μΑ

External cold junction sensor


Input detection current

0.2mA (2w / 3w / 4w)

Isolation strength

AC1500v between input / output

Ambient temperature

-40 ~ + 85 ℃

Ambient humidity

0 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)




Wiring Diagram

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