T08 Series thermal resistance temperature sensor

T08 series adopts imported thin film chip package.Used to measure simple safety in environments such as gas or liquid Install temperature sensor.


Typical Application:

Air-conditioning refrigeration, new energy,agricultural meteorology, heating installations, test equipment, ovens, security, factories,

industrial equipment, engineering machinery and other industries.


Technical Parameters:


Parameter options

Temperature Chip


Temperature range


Long-term stability


Use current

PT1001mA  / PT10000.3mA

Use medium

Gas, liquid, etc.

Housing material

Default SUS304 (SUS316, brass can be customized)

Cable material

PVCPTFEFEPSilicone rubber, Metal braided cables

Cable length

Customized upon request

Definition of wiring

Two-wire system, three-wire system, four-wire system (optional)


Pin type, U type, exposed tin, O type, multi-pin connectors, etc. (optional)

Process connection

Easy installation


Product Diagram:

  Simple conventional type


With cable anti-break spring protection


With hose sheath



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