Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain transportation refers to the transportation of goods that are always controlled within a certain range of temperature during the entire transportation process. The cold chain logistics system can only be realized through temperature control technology, and the temperature sensor monitoring system is indispensable.
The working principle of the temperature sensor monitoring system is: the temperature sensor uses the internal A / D converter to convert the collected temperature value to a corresponding digital quantity, and receives the serial clock pulse (SCL) and read data from the microcontroller After the instruction, the data is transmitted to the microcontroller through the I2C bus, and the microcontroller processes the data transmitted by the temperature sensor accordingly, and then stores the data in the data memory through the I2C bus. Real-time and detailed management of product freshness and quality can realize early warning when temperature changes during transportation and distribution, or record temperature changes during the process, thereby helping to identify quality changes caused by temperature changes And the specific time of occurrence, and contribute to the determination of responsibility for quality accidents.
In refrigerated transportation, the application of the cold chain temperature sensor detection system needs to consider the performance of each component, especially the temperature resistance, response speed, and accuracy of the built-in temperature sensor, which directly affects the success of the cold chain transportation. And in practice, the temperature of the cold chain environment is often not completely constant. Because of the large environment of the cold storage, the temperature is relatively constant; for cold chain cars, the temperature of the normally open freezer changes greatly. This puts forward higher requirements for the cold chain temperature sensor.
Our high-precision temperature sensors are suitable for the application of cold-chain high-precision temperature sensors. The product has the characteristics of small size, fast response and high sensitivity, and the accuracy can reach ± 0.1 ℃. Special parameters and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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