Who We Are


Shanghai Shiny Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and seller of high quality temperature sensors.


We continue to innovate, actively introduce and absorb foreign advanced technology and technology, with advanced temperature sensor automatic production line and testing equipment.The company's products are widely used for many customers at home and abroad, widely used in medical equipment, new energy vehicles, electric power industry, cold chain transport, mechanical engineering, kitchen appliances, animal husbandry, agricultural planting and other fields of temperature control, by customers praise!


In recent years, relying on the advanced technology and innovation ability at home and abroad, the company has been making breakthroughs and innovations in various fields.The company has fully passed the CE certification, established a complete and effective quality assurance system, and formed a complete series of temperature sensor production line, providing customers in all fields with high precision, high reliability, high stability, short response time, wide temperature range, good consistency and stability.With high-quality products and professional technical services, we have realized the demand of reducing costs and energy consumption for customers in many fields, greatly improving the core competitiveness of customer enterprises.


Shanghai Shiny Industry Co., Ltd has many years of technical reserves and experience in the field of automation control. Through continuous innovation and comprehensive introduction of IOS9001:2015 quality management system certification, its products have passed the test of domestic third-party testing institutions in accordance with international and national standards and obtained ITF16949 and other product certification.


In the future, Shiny Industry will, as always, attach importance to the reliability, stability and accuracy of products, to help customers to achieve practical needs, win-win cooperation and create value.

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