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Shiny also offers you special customized versions and technical solutions, Mark's know-how, and flexible customer-facing


Shiny offers a wide range of standard sensors throughout the world to perfectly match a wide range of industrial applications and installations

Senior Technology

Experience in every field from the industry, from product selection to online operation for your unique advice and support to quickly solve

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Excellent professional sales and technical team for your service

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I need a sensor sample

If you need to use Shiny's sensor products, please contact us, we will arrange the samples as soon as possible according to the current stock situation.

Free paper samples

Shiny can provide you with a comprehensive paper sample. You can request it from our staff online. You can enter relevant information. You don't need to pay any fees. We will mail you a comprehensive catalogue of paper products as soon as possible.

Mailing objects to detect

If there are objects in your hands that need to be tested, you don't need to order multiple sensor samples to test. You are welcome to send us the items to be tested on our hands. We will test your requirements and provide inspections as soon as we receive them. The video or picture at the time responds to you and informs you of the test results.

Shiny temperature sensor

Tel:+86 21 51537623

E-Mail:[email protected]


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